Travel directions


Prague has an excellent and fairly inexpensive public transportation system that is rather intuitive to understand. Tickets and fares: A single ticket (32 CZK) covers all means of transportation in the whole area of Prague (except the Airport Express bus) and is valid for 90 min from the time of validation. Tickets are available at the airport, at railway stations, at all metro stations, and at some tram/bus stops (counters or orange ticket machines). Pr¨honice is a few kilometers outside of the Prague city limits and needs an additional ticket (12 CZK) which can be bought in the bus (the driver needs to see the used ticket for Prague city, because the tariff zones are overlapping).

Taxis are readily available; prices are comparable to those in other European countries. We recommend companies AAA (phone [+420] 14014) or City Taxi (phone [+420] 257257257) which have the best reputation. These are also present at the airport in front of the terminals. A ride from the airport to Pr¨honice takes about 45-60 min depending on the traffic situation.

By airplane to Prague Airport (PRG)

Several airlines offer direct flights to Prague (including overseas). There are also some low cost airlines that connect to particular European cities.

From Prague Airport to Pr¨honice by public transport:

General information how to get to and from Prague Airport can be found here. Please note that this refers only to getting to downtown Prague, which is only about half the distance to Pr¨honice. You can download a Prague city map with an overview of the public transportation system here.

By train to railway stations Praha hl.n. (main station) or Praha-HoleÜovice

Prague is connected by a network of direct trains operating in 1-4 hour intervals during the day (e.g., Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Bratislava, Budapest). Further European cities are connected by direct night trains (e.g., Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Zurich, Warsaw, Moscow).

Public transport (from both railway stations):

By car

Highway D1 Prague - Brno - Vienna, EXIT 6 Pr¨honice, direction to Pr¨honice centre (see maps).